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Social Service Club
of Nitr

AASRA is a social service club run autonomously by the students of NIT Rourkela. Aasra- a word that signifies shelter. A word that gives warmth when given to a lonely human being: let alone an orphan, a destitute who has lost everything he/she had in this world. For them, the world has become a cruel place, a living hell. They need someone who can become a calm breeze that touches their lives and makes everything around them as beautiful as it was before-as beautiful as spring, as calm as stillness of night


Sports Fiesta, Sector- 5

Chhend Orphanage

A Visit by an Alumnus

Sector- 5

A Smile that Costs nothing

Sector- 21

A Walk with Alumnus

Sector- 6

Saraswati Puja Celebrations


Cake Party Celebrations

Our Mission

Our Mission

Though in general we give our efforts in uplifting the less privileged sections of the society,but our overall mission can be summarized in the following points:

  • To impart education and enable them for a better standard of living.
  • To bridge the gap of discrimination that has been created.
  • To spread love and light up the lives of the children and guide them to take up a proper path.
  • To inspire others to render service for this noble cause.
  • And we always aim for a better tomorrow where happiness fills everyone’s lives


Aasra was founded on 26th Jan 2005 by a group of students under the guidance of Prof. G.K Roy and Prof. K.R. Patel.From thereon it has ever expanded its circle reaching out the poor and the deprived.


  • To provide basic amenities to children (orphan, leprosy & slums).
  • Provide an education system to each and every body near its locality.
  • Develop the confidence between children by conducting competition and activities among them.
  • Keeping the child away from child labour, and instilling interest for education for them.
  • Help the needy ones in case of life-threatening and natural calamities.
  • To spread the air of happiness.

Our Work Places

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Sector 5

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Sector 21

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Sector 6

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Chhend Orphanage

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