• Aasra is a social service club run autonomously by the students of NIT Rourkela. Aasra- a word that signifies shelter. A word that gives warmth when given to a lonely human being... Join with us
  • ..let alone an orphan, a destitute who has lost everything he/she had in this world. For them, the world has become a cruel place, a living hell... Join with us
  • ..They need someone who can become their ray of hope, a reminder that even the longest and harshest of winters is followed by the beauty of spring. Join with us
Our services

What we love to do



To provide basic amenities to children (orphan, leprosy and slums).


Support underprivileged children in their education on a regular basis.


Trust and faith builds a strong emotional attachment.


The unique family feeling that exist among us is the backbone of our organisation.

Our Reach

Where we give reality to our Obejective

Aasra-a word that gives a warmth when given to a lonely human being:let alone an orphan, a destitute who has lost everything he/she had in this world.for them, the world has become a cruel place, a living hell. They need someone who can become a calm breeze that touches their lives and makes everything around them as beautiful as it was before-as beautiful as spring, as calm as stillness of night. These aspirations and thoughts gave birth to AASRA whose sole objective is bringing smiles on the little ones.The brainchild of Prof. G.K.Roy (Dept. Of Chemical Engg.),Prof. K.R.Patel(Dept. of Mechanical Engg.) and some inspiring brains of 2004-2008 batch-Aasra..they set out to do something which was a need of the hour.

  • leprosy colony
  • Sec-6

  • Sec-5
  • Sec-5

  • Sec-21
  • Sec-21

  • OSAP
  • OSAP

  • Sec-2
  • Sec-2

  • Chhend Orphanage
  • Chhend

We are proud of these numbers

120 families connected
188 Kids in our Mentorship
76 On-Field members
8 faculties guiding us

Diya project

Diya Project

We took the opportunity of spreading light among the unprivileged, unnoticed but talented kids of the leprosy colonies at Sector 21, Sector 6 and OSAP .

Misallaneous Projects

Phailin Project

We, in association with Goonj, initiated the Phailin Relief Collection by virtue of which all of us moved throughout the campus for the collection of necessary relief items like clothes, blankets, bed sheets, medicines, ration as well as some monetary help for the needy.

How we do it

Over the years since Aasra was founded, our system was streagthened with coopreation and dedication to where we stand now.


I am made of all the citizens of NIT Rourkela who are committed towards working for my cause. This includes students and professors. ->


Every organization needs strong financial bank for its working. In Aasra, finance is derived from the working members, alumni community, Every organization ->


Encouragement from any source is like a drop of rain upon a parched desert. Depending upon the abilities and skills of a ->

Visit And Interact

Workplace visit on a regular basis is done to ensure continuity and effectivity of our work. Normally more of our focus upon visitation is supporting the kids ->


Deliver on all the commitments made, which includes delivering quality education to the kids, giving employability encouragement and assistance to ->
Our clients

Who love to work with us

Every person in this world is not born with equal opportunities. Nor everyone among us faces the same dangers in life. Consequently our future remains uncertain. Many of us are privileged to enjoy good health and good earning environment. Still there are some among us who are distinctly under-privileged who do not enjoy good health or do not have the same means of earning a livelihood.

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NIT Rourkela

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+91 9608644088/7809626825

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